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A real time API that delivers quality data
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Track and Analyze

Helps you make the strategic decisions in the real-time

  • Analyse your API uses with advance filters.
  • Get uses with billing information.
  • View what user searches with their locations.

Care52 API gives you features you can count on.

Comprehensive search

Comprehensive search

You can easily search for doctors by name, location, specialty, and insurances. Using the Care52 API, you can improve healthcare by reimagining how consumers search and find the right doctor.

Health plan coverage

Health plan coverage

Consumers health care decisions are driven by what their health plans will cover. Empower your users to make the best choices with accurate and consistently updated insurance information in the marketplace.

Practices and providers

Practices and providers

Care52's API makes it easy to get information about providers and practices right. Get full information on how providers work with one or more practices.

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