To rein in healthcare costs, Is better-coordinated post-acute care the HOLY GRAIL…….

The President Wants You to Get Rich on Obamacare

Tom Scully bolted through the doors and up the stairs to a private dining room on the third floor of the “21” Club. Scully, 56, is slightly taller than average and has tousled graying hair, an athletic build and a lopsided smile. He typically projects a combination of confidence and bemusement, but on this rainy September afternoon, he was frenzied. Scully was scheduled to deliver the keynote address at an event hosted by the Potomac Research Group, a Beltway firm that advises large investors on government policy (tag line: “Washington to Wall Street”). Today’s discussion centered on the most significant change in decades to the nation’s health care policy, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. As Scully walked to the front of the room, some 50 managers from hedge funds, mutual funds and private equity firms tucked into the round tables. Others gathered in the hallway. A hush of anticipation hung in the air. To continue reading………

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