Our beliefs

Personal choices and decisions are instinctual and modulated by beliefs. Often beliefs are unshakeable even if not rooted in data. The transformation of Jonathan Krohn from an ultra conservative to liberal in this context is a remarkable read. (1)
Such transformation usually entail trandformative life experiences, not simply experential. Believers are firm in their position and cannot be dissuaded from their point of view regardless of discourse alter a firmly held belief. In fact paradoxically, such discussions may only result in one clutching harder to beliefs. Additional rationale is uncovered and selective data/interpretation bolster the pre-ordained belief. And even lacking data one votes for their position any ways. One cannot help but notice the great divide on economy, guns, god, evolution, global warming, etc…….. What I do believe is that people most firmly entrenched in their beliefs are most likely to be wrong.
Who’s a great One of Dan Gardners video that makes this point well:
1. The Growing Pains of Jonathan Krohn-NY Times, April 26, 2013

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