Health Insurance Facts – 2012 CommonWealth Fund Survey

The major insurance coverage provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or commonly allude to as “Obamacare”) go into effect in January 2014, providing new insurance options for people without health coverage. The 2012 Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey (published April of 2013) reports  increased health insurance coverage of young adults as a result of the recent reform laws.

Adults ages 19-64 who lacked adequate insurance =41% or 84 million.

People who reported health care being unaffordable and did not see a doctor or access medical services = 80 million (63 million in 2003)

Share of Americans with deductibles > $1,000 = 25% (more than tripled between 2003 and 2012).

Working-age adults with good insurance forgoing treatment because of the price = 28%

Young adults (ages 19 to 25) with insurance = 41% in 2012 (48% in 2010).

Problems paying their medical bills = 75 million people.


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