The Cost of Chasing Cancer

Why excessive screening can cause unintended harm, stress and waste As a surgeon, I’m trained to crush cancer. For many years, every tumor I palpated and family I counseled drove me to hunt for cancer with a vengeance, using every tool modern medicine has to offer. But recently, one patient reminded me that the quest Read more about The Cost of Chasing Cancer[…]

We Are Giving Ourselves Cancer-OverDiagnosis and OverTreatment

The use of medical imaging with high-dose radiation — CT scans in particular — has soared in the last 20 years. Our resulting exposure to medical radiation has increased more than sixfold between the 1980s and 2006, according to the National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements. The radiation doses of CT scans (a series Read more about We Are Giving Ourselves Cancer-OverDiagnosis and OverTreatment[…]