But don’t jump to conclusions from the Medicare Data Release

HHS is taking a huge risk in releasing this data in this manner. I don’t think that the AMA, as a whole, is against data transparency, but there are certainly detractors in that organization. If this data comes out and people publish a lot of half-baked stories or blog posts based on this data, it is going to give the “data hoarders” within the AMA and other organizations ammunition to prevent further data releases. The downside of transparency is that it creates the opportunity for careless slander. Let’s not do that. If you need help to write a good story about this, get in touch with me, and I will help. I would be happy to provide quotes, but also to help “sanity-check” conclusions. Believe me, there will be plenty of good-old-fashioned dirt that gets revealed by this data release, there is no reason to manufacture drama prematurely. Read the entire piece at:


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